draw night

jamming with other artists always rocks.
a classic caricature done by Berk a while back.

for some reason i drew these really tiny, these images are about 250%.

Tiki Burger! and the Tiki Burger meal with Tiki-Toi!



awesome drawing time over the last few days. Sat: teamed up with Scott Stanley for some downtown drawing. talked to a lot of interesting bums. Tues: did a jam session with Berk in the morining over breakfast, and that evening hit up Sketch Night with the crew. my inspiration level is on full.

an ogre prince.

just a goat.
some cube bonsai.
the county building.



some structure of the recent 'factory' drawings. all drawn by hand, mostly as an exercise to push myself. i bet my first year drawing professors would be proud thier perpective lectures didn't quite go to waste...


illdubreac industrial complex

the model compared to the drawing (did the drawing first). wuddaya know, it actually looks really close. a cathedral to the religion of metal.


killer goldfish

some monster screwin around from Sketch Night