24 hr Comic Book Day!

So here it is, my effort undertaken in the name of 24hr-ComicBook-Day. A big thanks to Derek Hunter for hosting our crew. There was pizza and madness and mugi-cha. It was fun, and long, definitely an interesting experience, and a great one to be had.
If you're not familiar with the concept, the name is pretty self-explanatory; you get together and for 24hrs as the face on the clock runs, you do comics. There are 'official' rules and all concerning page count and in what time period you create your story, but we just did it for the kick of it. We started at about 10am on a Saturday and finished up Sunday the next morning. Then we all died.

A bit about the pages below: Knowing that the event was coming up, and that I would go from 60-0 in no time if I didn't have a story already in place, I had previously done some homework to supply names and dates for a premise I had in mind. The story was inspired by a Nova documentary about 'astro-spies' during the Cold War.
Also, I only did 15 pages instead of the whole 25. I figured to shoot for something manageable that I could be done with by event's end, instead of getting into what I already knew would be over my head. There are only 14 here, because 1 really sucked, and didn't add to the story.
As you will see, my layouts are pretty minimal in design, and highly dependent on the text-bodies. I don't have the calligrapher's touch so the text is digital in-post.

Well, without further delay, enjoy. I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

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