2D/3D concepting

designing a set, some kind of hi-tech heavy water research facility. all sorts of pipes, tanks, pumps, etc. did some thumbnail layouts, then slammed together a simple 3Dlayout to understand the space a little better. now i'm lookin' to level-it-up. suggestions?


Alyssa Harper said...

The lighting currently looks like sky-lights, because it's so cool in color, but I assume that the research facility will be used when it's dark outside too. Some functional florescents would be a nice addition.

Also, for a research facility with so many open glass tanks, I would imagine A LOT of gauges and other equipment that would constantly measure the water pressure. Other safety features like textured flooring and(less slippery when wet) rails/cages around the tanks to keep people and other equipment from bumping into the glass would add a nice touch.

Overall, the image looks very modern and clean. I would work on adding functional aspects that science and government regulation would put in there.

Tom Scholes said...

really nice dude.

Geoff Shupe said...

thanks all for your comments, including those that emailed me direct. they've all been really helpful, on one hand confirming the things that I hand in mind to do; and on the other, confirming the things that need to be bailed on.