viking 2 of 3

still messing with colors, trying figure out turning the form with color temperature


Tom Scholes said...

Looking good :)
If I may, I think your biggest issue here is actually value. Still a color issue and I would recommend prioritizing color, indeed all painting first by value, then temperature and finally hue. This goes the same for form. This is formulaic but should accommodate all your general illustration needs.

In terms of temperature for form change, think first in terms of saturation and then in hue. Warm to cool, saturated to unsaturated even if your warm is blue and your cool is gray. Orange full light and blue shadow is actually warm light warm shadow.


Geoff Shupe said...

thanks dude! that helps.

once i've got the third one 'finished' i'll post the grayscale versions and see what you think. something about how i'm laying the color over the top is screwing things up from what i like about the grayscale versions.