viking 3 of 3

that last of the viking costume designs. obviously still struggling with turning the form via color temperature and color saturation.

but over all i think this little assignment served its purpose well. just look back at the first viking iterations and i'm somewhat ashamed to say that i thought they were all right when i did them.
it definitely goes to show that there is no substitution for logging the hours and putting yourself through the paces if you want to improve.
i find that too often (and art students embody this to a T) i get hung up in critiquing the artists i admire and that leads to the mistaken assumption that i could do something of that caliber, instead of putting the time into learning to do what they are already doing. ah well...

and here are the B&W comps that i colored over for my color experiments (first one on the left, most recent on the right) for those of you who'd like to pitch me a helping hand and critique this monkey.

and obviously, the lines. construction? line quality?

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