sketch book

still trying to get my head around depth as level-of-detail and value. and it makes for a good study in composition in the mean time.

i'm always inspired by Tom Scholes's environment sketches, so'll you definitely notice some rip-offs there. i love his little scale figures, and always look forward to how they're re-contextualized. theres 'sword-guy,' 'bandito,' 'astronaut,' or 'lost-robo,' but i especially like 'wandering monk'. i'd like to think of my guy as a little Rick Steves though.

i can do about 4 of these in 2-3hrs (DrawNight@NoBrow, an evening of TV) and i've been experimenting with some different approaches.

draft marker tone, pencil gradients, micron lines, brush-pen outlines.


Tom Scholes said...

Too kind, much too kind.

I've found it helpful to not hmm fall into the same traps over and over. Don't feel like you need to use value on all of them, or line in all of them, or render all of them, play around and play around a lot you know? Go nuts, follow the motivation.

Also the captcha for this says hemoskin.

Geoff Shupe said...

mmm... hemoskin...

thanks dude!