more sketches

i think i'm finally starting to make some headway on these. there really is not replacement for doing a ton of them. i killed my last sketchbook, and got this new recycled paper one, it has this nice midtone that i want to use to push my value usage. this way i'll have to build up to white, instead of knocking everything down from white paper.

still working on foreground/background
-white gel pen, 6B lead

wanted to do islands and spires
-white gel pen, 20%, 40% draft markers

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Tyler Vance said...

I really liked these. There's a really cool simultaneous contrast going on between the brown paper and the white pen that doesn't come through in the digital image.

I keep thinking you should try drawing these really huge - I know in your field, bigger scale is not a goal - but you might think of the spaces differently if drew a few, say, 2 x 3 or 3 x 4 feet. You would feel the space more, experience it, feel like you could crawl into the thing. It might give you a new angle of attack on your smaller drawings.