i was on vacation in Alabama last week doing some family schtuff, and to pass the down time i did a bunch of these quick landscapes.

i'm still experimenting with 'styles' trying to come up with a language that i like in terms of description and time, so you can see me waffling around from drastic minimalism to more detail heavy comps. i'll typically pick a 'theme' and do a round of it at a time, so typically the topmost one is the weakest (with a few exceptions) as i push for a better and different take on the same idea as i work down the page.

and a last one from the white paged sketchbook before it was completely killed, some kind of roman pillar based cities

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Calader said...

Hey Geoff, I cant belive your blog has passed under my radar for so long, well until now. You have some amazing stuff here, especially love you environment thumbnails, and the nice touches you put in the execution. Really makes me put more effort into making mine a bit more presentable(than the usual incoherent graphite mess)! And whatever's not excellent shows great potential. I've the feeling I'll be checking quite often here.