Privateer Press!

I've been working on character concepts for Privateer Press for the last couple months and one of the first characters I worked on has been published! You can see the miniature RPG figurine HERE
A big thanks to them for the opportunity to work on their awesome titles, and to the amazing sculptors and painters for breathing life into the design!

While I've never been much of a player, I've always loved the RPG genre for it's stories. I've always loved looking through sourcebooks for D&D or Robotech or whatever, and being in awe of the art as my imagination runs away with the characters.
I actually got a D in a high school art class, all because I sat next to a dude who'd always bring sourcebooks in to play with (instead of drawing). While he got a D for hardly every working, I spent the entire semester kicking out killer drawings of mechs, vampires, etc, based on what was in the books, and for which I would have received an A. But I always wanted to take them home and keep working them, but then never brought them back to school to turn in. I think my mom was pretty mystified when the teacher called to say that I worked hard everyday in class, and she loved my work, but that she never ended up seeing anything I had done, all while a huge pile of drawings sat in my room. Ah, back in the day...

So this dude is a Necromancer, some nobleman transformed by dabbling in the dark arts. I kinda saw him as a cross between Davey Jones and The Scarecrow.

Here were some of the initial sketches to get the creative ball rolling as we later defined the direction that fit best.

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