clownin' around

these portrait studies are teaching me quite a bit. i rush through them as fast as I can, only giving my self about 45min to an hour from start to finish. just trying to really codify things and hit the biggest marks that convey the image, with a focus on personality.

Jared recommended I do some zombies, skeletons, etc.; which got me thinking. I've been playing Left4Dead 2 a lot lately, and there's this level really reminiscent of the end of Zombieland at the carnival, complete with zombie clowns. and I realized that I've never drawn a clown! but I didn't want to do a scary clown, I just think they're way overly cliche' at this point. While I've never liked clowns, it's because I just don't find them funny. I mean really, who is honestly afraid of a stupid clown!? it's like being afraid of a Jugalo...

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