So I was up in the Seattle area last week. It was way cool. Great scenery abounds.
Did a few sketches inspired by the surroundings.

I was able to meet up with and have a great Drink&Draw with a handful of amazing artists up there. Big thanks to them for a great time!

The bottom one of this pair is called, 'Rainier, not Fuji!'

I took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. A well spent hr traveling through the Puget Sound. Did these quickies from the bow, everything changes so quick that you've only got a minute to get things in place before it's all out of place.

I love the woods up there, everywhere up there. Lots of fun little trails and awesome trees of all kinds. This me running around going, 'Wow, look at that; hey wow! look at that!'

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Jack said...

Good stuff.

If I were a jealous guy, I'd be jealous.