from a design challenge at work, a redesign of Ant-Man.

A- is a straight up tokusatsu interpretation, something along the lines of Ultra-Man. I just really hate all the different helmet design I've seen, they're all the same thing, a big bubble head. Now he's got some cool tech to re-size with.
B- a different interpretation. I wanted to throw out the power to shrink, and strip him down to a wierdo who commands insects, like bug-Merman. he could assemble hundreds of tons of bugs to form a bug-golem around himself like a huge monster, and destroy things. that's way cooler than just being some tiny guy. it looks really uncomfortable, wanted to play up the 'ants in his pants' angle. he'd have to be villain. 

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nullunit said...

That Tokusatsu design is fantastic and I am not particularly a fan of that genre/sub-genre. The helmet sells it, HARD!, but the rest of it fits nicely as well. It would be cool to see a stylized ant head design on the belt but the big "A" is plenty iconic. Anyways, all those words just to say: 'Cool Drawing.'