Privateer Press

This is the last of the concept work I did for Privateer Press last year. It was great working with those guys and a fun experience to contribute to their brand. 
So these ended up not being your typical 'this is what I designed, this is what they made' kinda thing. As a Concept-Artist, a lot of what you do goes toward refining an idea, final execution is just the icing on the cake after you've logged 10:1 previous iterations. When you're given a rough idea to manifest, a lot of the paths you take can be chalked up to 'OK, now I can see that that isn't the direction we want to go in.' And you always need to be flexible to the changing needs of art direction. A lot of hands are involved with the production process and you need to be able to let something go when the time comes to pass it off, whither you think its finished or not. In this case the concepts closed the first 80 yards and that was sufficient to allow them to graft in additional things they hand in mind, and/or patch together elements they liked. 

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