dungeon process post-mortem

i've been getting a lot of questions about process lately, so i thought i'd throw this up to show the twists and turn i typically go through. 
this is pretty old, from a dungeon crawler challenge i did about 2 yrs ago! it's got a lot of problems with it narrative-wise and structure-wise, but they were obvious in hind sight so it was a huge learning experience.

the concept was this warrior lost in the depths of a cold, wet, claustrophobic dungeon. i wanted to stay fairly close to monochromatic to emphasis the singular light source.

1- i did a number of thumbnail compositions and this is the one i liked most
2- filled it with some basic values and color to see if it would work, thought it did...
3- drew out a detailed pass to give myself an idea of where this was going
4- referring to the values of step 2, tried to workout basic lighting and planar surfaces
5- getting into the detail rendering i realized my composition had a lot of abstracted graphic shapes that didn't describe the spatial relationships at all. so i redesigned the whole corridor thing into an corner archway 
6- balancing, trying to get a dynamic range of lights and darks, trying to put contrast in the right places


joshart said...

I've been following your blog for close to a year and I just wanted to say its a great learning experience. I've never read an art blog that was so honest and nailed down the learning experience like yours. You've sometimes said things that I never even realized I also always thought (like the bit about how we tend to critique the artists we admire, without remembering that we probably couldnt create what they do yet).

Plus, you've done concept work with Privateer Press, the company I've always dreamt of working for. I'm honestly not at your level yet (especially in the digital painting department) but seeing your improvement over the last 3 or 4 years gives me a lot of hope!

Sorry this is so long, just wanted to thank you!! Keep on blogging!!

Geoff Shupe said...

thanks dude, i really appreciate you saying that! i'll try to keep it up as best i can :)