more COUNTERBLAST Character Concepts

The rest of the concepts I did for COUNTERBLAST from AIRLOCK Games. Their Kickstarter is live and already funded! It will be great to see how many backer achievements will be unlocked. Check it out!

It's always soo rewarding to see my art manifest into an actual thing. I've always loved table-top gaming, not really as a gamer, but as the art of. I love holding the little figures and imagining a world at large while thumbing through a rule book and taking in all the amazing art. That and comics are definitely the things that influenced me most growing up. I always wanted to be the guy that made that
And now I am, wouldn't my 12 year old self be proud... :) 

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Z. Rhett Akers said...

Dude! Do you have a youTube channel? I'm in Santaquin and I aspire to create concept art and stuff. I would love to watch how you work! :) I practice every day! I'm so curious to see how you do something from start to finish. You could like, do a speed painting video or something. That would be SO cool!