ruined drawings 03

"Why do you call them 'ruined drawings'?"

A little bit of an explanation with these. I'm trying to work on my analog skills. One of the things I've always admired are classic gouache illustrations from the golden age of advertising. But I've never used them before, so I'm trying to learn now. I'm also throwing in colored pencil and water, to try to get the look I'm after.

Awhile back I got this notion that it takes 20 drawings of a type of thing to 'level up,' at least in a noticeable way. But to do that it needs to be an earnest study and a pushing to the breaking point of each one, not just cranking through quantity. This is probably most easily demonstrated during Inktober. So I've given myself the task of 20 of these samurai pieces to get through and learn some lessons. 

Not so much with digital, but with real art supplies, I'm always fighting the temptation to be precious. For example: if I like the drawing, I'm tempted to not take it further because I don't want to ruin that drawing. So somewhere along the way I want to go for broke, something that might completely ruin it, or push it over the top into something better.

I won't be posting all 20 of these. This actually isn't the 3rd one I've done. I've already really ruined some and expect to ruin more. But hopefully there will be a few more survivors, as the ones I've posted so far are. 

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