Disney Infinity 3.0 - Concept Pt.2

Some more of the good stuff! 
There's more, but it's still under lockdown for the time being. Until then, enjoy...

When I was first hired at Disney we were still waiting to get the scoop from Lucas. But as a new hire they wanted to get me up to speed as fast as possible, getting familiar with the Infinity style, and how to apply that to Star Wars. So they started me on some Mos Eisely environment pieces.

With environments as iconic as this it's a challenge to gather all the hits all in one place; Jabba's palace, sand-crawlers, the city, etc. We're also always looking for opportunities to address the outer context, maybe insert something fans haven't seen before, but fits within the established fiction.

Han and Chewie's freighter that 'swallows' the Millenium Falcon. 

Corridors and crates are the bread and butter of a game. Even though you're just taking them to get from Point A to Point B, they've got to look right. 

When we're working on organic locations it's often pretty hard to make sense of the chaos. Jungle scenes like Takodana come across as walls of green. So I do a lot of these type of vignettes to break it down for our world builders, how to structure and re-construct topsoil, ground cover, small, med, and large foliage, etc. with purposeful design.

Unlike the hallways and corridors that a player takes at face-value in directing gameplay - where to go and how to get there, the natural worlds can't come across as overtly contrived. It takes a lot of finesse to place boulders in just the right place where they obscure a line of sight or control a direction in movement and still feel authentic, as if they've always been there.

Big set pieces like Maz Kanata's castle are always a blast to work on. To maintain Infinity's fiction of being toys, these kinds of things are where we really get to have fun. What would the giant toy playset version of the castle look like? Flipping trap doors? Boulders that roll out? A button that reveals a secret compartment? Yes please!

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