patternscape 02

another quick color study exploring patterns. it ended up a lot more texture-y than graphic pattern, but it was interesting to see the color interactions



Color composition study, but absolutely no effort to abstract or represent. Using my broken square brush, just a study to pick the right colors by eye from the palette (not from the reference) and get the relationships right.

There's a bit of blue-purple issue on the left side, something with Blogger's display compression; oh well...


Disney Infinity 3.0

I can finally talk about what I've been doing since being hired at Disney last year: Infinity 3.0 Star Wars! Game Informer is featuring it on the cover, check it out HERE, the announcement trailer HERE


patternscape 01

I feel like the blockscape thing has about run its course. I've learned a ton and new things have occurred to me. For example it's made me look at mark-making a lot differently, in the interest of speed, and for proposing something different and getting away from what I usually do. So, a first test...



More quick studies, working on my eye for color. And more experimenting.



A lot of times I'm just brain-dead in the morning. I don't feel it, and I'll start looking at art to get inspired. It's pretty easy to find something that I really like and that gets me excited. Then sometimes I'll just jump into a remix like this, duplicating layers, overlaying, transforming, re-crop, until I come up with something bit different. It gets me thinking.

I don't expect to come up with anything ground breaking, and I wouldn't take credit for the new image. It's just enough to warm up, get excited, explore, and get the juices flowing.


compression er simplification

30min studies. working on my spot simplification with the question, what little does it take to make a shot recognizable as such? It's fun to break down the big shapes and the broadest color choices.


next gen

Took one of the blockpaints and tried remixing it with some photo bash


color blockscape studies

Same kind of approach as the B&W studies, but in color. Again 30-45min studies, mostly in eyeballing the palette and getting a decent squint test result from the swatch composition.


B&W blockscape studies

I've been doing a lot of this kind of thing lately as my morning warm-ups. Just 30-45min each, looking at a master work or photo ref and trying to pass a squint test just using blockbrushes. Hand-picking the values, no eye-dropper tool. As I've gone along I'm trying to push the suggestive language of the squares with some textured dual-brush settings. It's interesting to see what works and what doesn't. Especially in coordinating areas of simplicity and complexity.

They basically fall into 2 categories here, matching black&white, or mentally converting to black&white. 

I know they're not much to look at. But they've been a great study already. The biggest thing is that it's all about interpretation/compression, and trying to capture a certain essence in the abstraction beyond a literal recreation. More to come.