B&W blockscape studies

I've been doing a lot of this kind of thing lately as my morning warm-ups. Just 30-45min each, looking at a master work or photo ref and trying to pass a squint test just using blockbrushes. Hand-picking the values, no eye-dropper tool. As I've gone along I'm trying to push the suggestive language of the squares with some textured dual-brush settings. It's interesting to see what works and what doesn't. Especially in coordinating areas of simplicity and complexity.

They basically fall into 2 categories here, matching black&white, or mentally converting to black&white. 

I know they're not much to look at. But they've been a great study already. The biggest thing is that it's all about interpretation/compression, and trying to capture a certain essence in the abstraction beyond a literal recreation. More to come.


sketchbook vegetation

from a while ago, just walkabout downtown Salt Lake City spotting plants


blockpaint 05

more of this kind of thing.


ruined drawings 03

"Why do you call them 'ruined drawings'?"

A little bit of an explanation with these. I'm trying to work on my analog skills. One of the things I've always admired are classic gouache illustrations from the golden age of advertising. But I've never used them before, so I'm trying to learn now. I'm also throwing in colored pencil and water, to try to get the look I'm after.

Awhile back I got this notion that it takes 20 drawings of a type of thing to 'level up,' at least in a noticeable way. But to do that it needs to be an earnest study and a pushing to the breaking point of each one, not just cranking through quantity. This is probably most easily demonstrated during Inktober. So I've given myself the task of 20 of these samurai pieces to get through and learn some lessons. 

Not so much with digital, but with real art supplies, I'm always fighting the temptation to be precious. For example: if I like the drawing, I'm tempted to not take it further because I don't want to ruin that drawing. So somewhere along the way I want to go for broke, something that might completely ruin it, or push it over the top into something better.

I won't be posting all 20 of these. This actually isn't the 3rd one I've done. I've already really ruined some and expect to ruin more. But hopefully there will be a few more survivors, as the ones I've posted so far are. 


ruined drawings 02

a different approach than before


blockpaint 04

blockpaint study. pulling colors and impressions from some landscape photography


ruined drawings 01

a samurai drawing with some process. nothing fancy, just trying my hand at watercolor, colored pencil, and gouach.


another year of experiments

2014 was a busy year! Lots of good stuff going on at work, lots of fun stuff that keeps me pre-occupied from personal works. Which made for bad year on the blog, only 39 posts! The poorest showing I've had in 7 years :( 

I really appreciate the interest of those of you who periodically check in. It's a Jan.5 resolution to post at least 40 times this year. 

So to start things off, a bunch of studies. Brushes, colors, remixes, and such and such



It's the holiday break, getting some time for personal work. A color-study speedpaint, taking inspiration from some classic sci-fi art.


Lady Knight

Using the Lady Knight generator to get some ideas going: 



Well, I didn't last all 31 days, but I got a lot closer than last year. Maybe next year. It's always well worth the time to work at something you suck at. 

By the 21st drawing, I felt a lot more comfortable with where I wanted to take the design (something I had no clue of at #1, just look how much it sucks!). I may not be out of the woods for long while yet but steps were taken. 



There are soo many awesome rockers posting work! If you haven't already, just search #inktober on Facebook and Tumblr. I've been posting these on Facebook. I'll just post them here in a more accumulated fashion like so. These are the 1-10 images.

I tried this last year with mechs, but I only did 4. Lame. So I gave myself a more achievable constraint this time, just head shots. I really suck at faces and likenesses so it's also a good mechanism to get some mileage on this type of thing. 


King Louie/Dr. Zaius cosplay

Prompted by an exercise challenge at work, a 'furrie-type character.' I'm not really into that. But once of the things I love most about Cosplay is the crazy mashups that fans come up with. So I tried to go at it from that angle.

A bit of my process. I usually need to do a few rounds of sketches before I find the things I like. Sketch, knock it back to about 40%, new sketch on a new layer right on top. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.