going through some old drawings the other day, i came across some more old graffiti design i did back in the day. so i thought i'd reinterpret them with some 3D action.

this is the design, now actually 3D instead of old faux-3D skills.

and then i just went nuts on it with a crazy camera angle to get some-kind of fortress-of-solitude-esque environment out of it .


for the fishes

nother plein air i did Sunday.
of a cat-food factory in Murray. it's kinda nice to sit out in the sun all by yourself, the smell of fish stock in the air, trains running by every 15 min, some homie's boombastic bass being reduced to the buzz of his license plate rattling against his trunk.
i'm really getting a kick out of doing these, learning a lot even though i've yet to win a fight.


concrete jungle

latest plein air. this one was about 1.5 hrs. trying to wrangle in the scrubby technique, and push small vs large definitions.


sci-fi desert

now that i've got some time on my hands, i've been busting along getting work together for my portfolio.
this was based on a sketch done at good ole' Drawnight. definitely some things i like, and some things i don't. maybe if i squeeze enough drops of juice from enough paintings, i'll nail that one that will just boggle the mind with it's awesomeness.... one day.


figure dump

I've been taking a figure drawing class down at the Bridge Academy from Adam Ford. I've been down there once a week for 4 weeks now, only 2 of which Adam has been on hand to teach us (it's an every other kind of setup, the other weeks are studio & model time). It's really upped my game quite a bit. One of the things that Adam really stresses is speed; if you only have 5 min, get a drawing done, if you only have 20 min, get a drawing done, etc, etc. Draw, draw, draw. This only about a 3rd of what I've done down there.

20-40 min
30sec - 2 min

5-20 min