how about a gunz hoodie?
to do a little research for these i found myself with the odd feeling of being one of those guys in line at the grocery store with a copy of 'Guns&Ammo' under my arm...



it was back to the sketch book while the computer was offline. the basic concept comes from the hood of a tractor, that big angled hood thing. i ended up slowly moving away from it as the designs progressed.
also, as you may have noticed they are all 'gunless,' i wanted more of a 'sensory' priority to these vehicles like a forward spotter, and less 'bang bang.' there's room for some 50 cal guns, but i didn't want the long shell canons getting in the way of the other shapes.


water water everywhere...

sorry for the drought of images this last week. i've been sandbagging, bailing, and pumping water out from around the neighborhood trying to keep my house from going underwater. late snows, then straight into summer heat, bad combination when you live next to a creek (er a, 'crick'). but hey, it's Utah!

in the meantime though check this out: Jake Parker aka Agent44 has a great little strip posted that brightened my day.



some new work. if you came to the CaptainCaptain open studio you might have seen a really bad print of this, so here it is until I can figure the print gamut deal-io out.

about midway through, I thought a tighter composition would establish a sense of space under the tree a bit better. this is what it was cropped from: