sketchbook schtuf

some stuff from a few DrawNights.
trying to reduce my landscapes to simpler shapes, to focus on overall design and composition more.

i didn't ink this guy on the page, so this was my experiment trying to pull out the pencils from the brown paper and make it as visible as possible

just some quick vehicles


a place

this is more of a study than a speedpaint, for a piece i want to eventually put more time into. but right now just focusing on color and value in quick order.
it would be some kind of concentrically cut quarry that's been abandoned for hundreds of years, water filling in the bottom among the geometrically cut stone. the biggest man-made hole, Bingham Canyon Mine isn't far from here. i've always loved the scale and wanted to play around with the idea.
and another really cool pit: Diavik Mine



some quick landscape experiments. trying to describe forms with only block shapes and gradients. next time i'll try and throw some texture on there...


from the sketchbook

some more landscapes from the brown sketchbook. these are typically my default for DrawNight, something I can switch gears to easily enough after work. it's kinda relaxing too...

these were kind of accidental. i initially just layed out 4 boxes on the page, and when i got to the second box i noticed it could continue from the first box. so i went with that but also tried to make the images something that could also stand alone.

just some big tree vignettes



The EA studio that I work at is opening up the gates for a lot of new positions!
Go to jobs.ea.com and look at Global Region: USA, UT- Salt Lake City or HERE
Shoot me your resume if there's something you're interested in and pass your name on up the line.


clownin' around

these portrait studies are teaching me quite a bit. i rush through them as fast as I can, only giving my self about 45min to an hour from start to finish. just trying to really codify things and hit the biggest marks that convey the image, with a focus on personality.

Jared recommended I do some zombies, skeletons, etc.; which got me thinking. I've been playing Left4Dead 2 a lot lately, and there's this level really reminiscent of the end of Zombieland at the carnival, complete with zombie clowns. and I realized that I've never drawn a clown! but I didn't want to do a scary clown, I just think they're way overly cliche' at this point. While I've never liked clowns, it's because I just don't find them funny. I mean really, who is honestly afraid of a stupid clown!? it's like being afraid of a Jugalo...