ghost highway

the latest.
this one actually took about 3 sessions (1.5 hr ea). some days you just don't feel it y'know.
threw in a little John Erickson on the lights. actually my favorite moments in this one are the mountains and the horizon behind them.



a few random drawings over the last few weeks.
you know how just when you're feeling like you're making a few gains, everything suddenly seems to worse and more disparaging than before, yeah...



went and saw some cool paint down in Benjamin. the train was like a mile long, but we only saw about half of it. great variety of styles.

some details:

burn em down:

great juxtaposition:


draw night

just a little doodle from draw-night recently.
it's a new species of T-Rex with stilts for legs.


industrial complex

came a cross some killer artwork by Brooks Shane Salzwedel. check it out.

and another plein air.
this one was pretty cool. Berk and i hung out under an overpass right next to the railroad tracks.

this is a little glimpse of my process. i don't quite have the hang of the paint and palette knife just yet, so i correct my mistakes digitally. it also gives me the versatility to try out a lot of stuff and have some fun with it. it's also a challenge to use the right brush so that the digital stuff won't draw a lot of attention to itself.