enjoying the week off.
inspired by my son's coloring book for a painting exercise. fun fun fun.



This was motivated by a challenge that Project Rooftop issued a little bit ago. Just wanted to take my own crack at it. 


power sketch

trying to work on harmonizing my digital and analog sketch processes. i typically like to use a 10-30% gray drafting marker, prismicolor or something, to lay in my forms real fast like, and kinda cloud gaze at it to see if something different/more than what i was intending jumps out at me. then i'll pencil in the forms i think make sense. lastly i'll run over it with a thin gel or micron pen to lay in some line before brush penning in some fat blacks.
i've finally got some PS brushes together that have a similar feel to all that.



some sketch

some spatial exercises from the sketch book. playing with intersecting and overlapping shapes. 


forest keep

speedie color study. trying to build up depth and balance the lights and darks to suggest form.



some color studies from photos just trying to block it in. i need to do a lot more of these.


experiment 3

another one along the lines of the images i did before HERE and HERE. this one was an attempt to give it more of a realistic trump l'oiel effect, stepping back from the more stylized lighting and colors in the others, and dropping the 2D elements entirely.



some architecture studies from a while back. an exercise to load my mind library with shapes and become a bit more familiar with the subject matter.


ice study

trying to dive more into a variety of lighting situations and work on my materials. ice seems to be the natural extension from fantasy rock-scapes, so i gave it a go.


dark place white castle

a quick experiment with value. trying to create a sense of atmosphere and depth, not concerned with details. really just trying to understand how the values transition while guiding the moments of attention within the composition. when you squint does it come together? do you get a sense of hierarchy? those kinds of things, the details will come later.



from a design challenge at work, a redesign of Ant-Man.

A- is a straight up tokusatsu interpretation, something along the lines of Ultra-Man. I just really hate all the different helmet design I've seen, they're all the same thing, a big bubble head. Now he's got some cool tech to re-size with.
B- a different interpretation. I wanted to throw out the power to shrink, and strip him down to a wierdo who commands insects, like bug-Merman. he could assemble hundreds of tons of bugs to form a bug-golem around himself like a huge monster, and destroy things. that's way cooler than just being some tiny guy. it looks really uncomfortable, wanted to play up the 'ants in his pants' angle. he'd have to be villain. 


sharkies sketchthings

some warm-up shape sketches from this afternoon. didn't realize i had Nemo on the mind until it was too late, oh well...



noodling some shapes around to explore a cohesive perspective



looks like i've been a slacker on updates. not for lack of drawing, i've got a bunch of sketchbook stuff and tons of digital never-got-finished images sitting around. maybe i'll get back to them up here.

anyway, something new. i've been reevaluating my design process. typically i'm pretty rigid in my vision, i'll start of with something distinct in mind and build it up from there. so i started a few mech drawing working the opposite way around. pushing negative shapes with little to no detail till i get something interesting, then scribble onto it for possible interior shapes. then finally do a little cloud gazing at the mess and pull real mechanics from it. here's my first such attempt. we'll see what else comes out it...


let's go to Candy-mountain Charlie!

a little speed-paint from a while ago. really just pushing texture and color to see what kind of 'magic' comes out the other end. it was happy happy fun time!


table top minis

I posted a little of this a while ago, but here is some more. A while back I was able to do some character design for Privateer Press. It's awesome to see something this cool come out of a drawing. Here are a handful of the really fun ones I did.
Thanks again to Kris and the other guys up there that really helped me out!



some sketches of a shaman type character.



Did a fan art piece of a rad character created by friend Tim Odland. He's an shreddin' artist for Skull Candy, and an up and coming comics legend! Check him out, be sure to put eyes on his mini he did for SDCC.


experiment 2

these are pretty fun to do, so thought i'd attempt another, this time pushing the light setup. i think this time around the 2D elements overpower the trumpe l'oeil elements inside the shadow box though.



I was inspired by a friend of mine's recent experiments in abstraction, so thought I'd give it a stab with my digital fakery... eh?



quick sketch for a story idea i've been kicking around, stay tuned...



a while back I helped out Tyler Kirkham by penciling some backgrounds for him. there were a few interior panels I did, and these 2 covers, the military tech in the top one and the buildings in the bottom one. of course they look a lot cooler after he brought everything together with his distinctive penciling style; the inks and color don't hurt either :)
good times.


drive by

was driving by the Great Salt Lake today on I-15 before going into work. there was this little sliver of blue beyond the farmland with the mtns in the distance. just wanted to capture this palette in a quick study this morning, and some FX to give it that driving by at 80mph feel...


speedi tanuki

did a quick paint over from one of my sketches. lifted a palette from Hokusai. just to chop it in.



So I was up in the Seattle area last week. It was way cool. Great scenery abounds.
Did a few sketches inspired by the surroundings.

I was able to meet up with and have a great Drink&Draw with a handful of amazing artists up there. Big thanks to them for a great time!

The bottom one of this pair is called, 'Rainier, not Fuji!'

I took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. A well spent hr traveling through the Puget Sound. Did these quickies from the bow, everything changes so quick that you've only got a minute to get things in place before it's all out of place.

I love the woods up there, everywhere up there. Lots of fun little trails and awesome trees of all kinds. This me running around going, 'Wow, look at that; hey wow! look at that!'


sketch dump

a bunch of environment type layouts from the sketch book. really trying to dive into composition. studying some of the great disney layout artists like Hans Bacher.
you might have noticed how simplified these sketches have become. just trying to wrap my head around overall shapes and rhythm without the details getting in the way. and playing with layering value, light on dark/dark on light, etc.


morning speed

one of my warm-up doodles. just something to cobble a scene together as fast as possible. blocked in the values quickly, then threw some texture on top.


monoliths of ganymede

some layouts i was toying with. just trying to feel out different options before i jump into anything more worked up or throwing texture into the mix.
sticking with my block out and gradient for the time being because it's super quick and helps me play with my values to get something (attempt!) that feels right.

any winner?