red meat

back in the day i was really into this comic called Red Meat, its quirky and dark, and from time to time pretty dang funny (well i think so anyay). they've got some awesome characters and the strips read really quick.

anyway, as a morning warm-up i did this bit of a paintover


livin the life

Trent Call just posted a cool video of his recent project on the CaptainCaptain site, check it out.
It's a pretty interesting snippet of studio life, and the audio lapse effect is really neat-o.

*and while you're at it check out Sri's video, nifty!


viking 3 of 3

that last of the viking costume designs. obviously still struggling with turning the form via color temperature and color saturation.

but over all i think this little assignment served its purpose well. just look back at the first viking iterations and i'm somewhat ashamed to say that i thought they were all right when i did them.
it definitely goes to show that there is no substitution for logging the hours and putting yourself through the paces if you want to improve.
i find that too often (and art students embody this to a T) i get hung up in critiquing the artists i admire and that leads to the mistaken assumption that i could do something of that caliber, instead of putting the time into learning to do what they are already doing. ah well...

and here are the B&W comps that i colored over for my color experiments (first one on the left, most recent on the right) for those of you who'd like to pitch me a helping hand and critique this monkey.

and obviously, the lines. construction? line quality?


drawnight sketch

another space-marine for kicks


viking 2 of 3

still messing with colors, trying figure out turning the form with color temperature


viking 1 of 3

just a simple costume concept


carrion sparrow

my finished piece, the Carrion Sparrow. the main references for this were Sparrows, Swallows, Finches, and Prawns, Beetles, Moths. it was a nice challenge to work out the feathers and fur and stuff, something I haven't done much of. and below I included some of the development sketches.

this was the last sketch before the WIP . I was struggling with integrating the anatomy to be more that just a bird with bug legs, which it pretty much is. but this is where I put the feeder arms onto the face of the bird, even though this drawing looks alot like a crustacean-chicken-tyranosaur...

(BTW these drawing are listed from newest to oldest) at this point I was thinking I would have a bug head on the thing. some cool heads, but I thought it ruined the juxtaposition of gross/cute towards gross w/bird wings.

some of the initial layouts of the whole creature

the very first sketch. it's funny how sometimes you go full circle. this beastie is supposed to be small, like the size of a large praying mantis or finch bird.

that was kinda fun...


creature WIP

i don't do much creature work, but i wanted to take a stab at the challenge over at ArtOrder. i've finally nailed this direction down and it's time render render render.