sketchbook characters

some stuff from the ole' sketchbook:

Tim had a book of samurai at DrawNight that inspired this

been watching BraveStarr recently on Qubo, loved it as a kid

somekind of armored dude, with a rubber shield arm...


Privateer Press!

I've been working on character concepts for Privateer Press for the last couple months and one of the first characters I worked on has been published! You can see the miniature RPG figurine HERE
A big thanks to them for the opportunity to work on their awesome titles, and to the amazing sculptors and painters for breathing life into the design!

While I've never been much of a player, I've always loved the RPG genre for it's stories. I've always loved looking through sourcebooks for D&D or Robotech or whatever, and being in awe of the art as my imagination runs away with the characters.
I actually got a D in a high school art class, all because I sat next to a dude who'd always bring sourcebooks in to play with (instead of drawing). While he got a D for hardly every working, I spent the entire semester kicking out killer drawings of mechs, vampires, etc, based on what was in the books, and for which I would have received an A. But I always wanted to take them home and keep working them, but then never brought them back to school to turn in. I think my mom was pretty mystified when the teacher called to say that I worked hard everyday in class, and she loved my work, but that she never ended up seeing anything I had done, all while a huge pile of drawings sat in my room. Ah, back in the day...

So this dude is a Necromancer, some nobleman transformed by dabbling in the dark arts. I kinda saw him as a cross between Davey Jones and The Scarecrow.

Here were some of the initial sketches to get the creative ball rolling as we later defined the direction that fit best.


Dungeon Delve Challenge

Over at Here's my submission:


warmup face2

nother quick face study, about 45min. trying to really push that time down. i'm trying to get a better grasp of drawing tone instead of drawing outlines, so here is a little peak at my initial drawing before i really get into rendering.


art spotted!

i just stumbled across this awesome pic. a couple months ago I was contracted to do a batch of illustrations for the Utah Museum of Natural History for their Proposition 1 campaign.

this lil dude made a great piece of art out of his lawn sign! awesome palette.

here are the other line images i did for the campaign. if anybody wants to copy & color them, i would love to see some more appropriations!

the newly discovered dino, no one ever told me what it was called...

an Allosaurus, which they chose over a Utah-raptor. Utah has so many cool dinos!
and a Barosarus



i really suck at faces, so for the next while i decided i'm to do little quick portrait studies for my warm-ups. from this afternoon, about an hour or so. floating severed heads.



a little drawing from the sketch-book of one of Kirkman's characters

HERE a killer drawing of Octo-boss Ryan Ottely



i was on vacation in Alabama last week doing some family schtuff, and to pass the down time i did a bunch of these quick landscapes.

i'm still experimenting with 'styles' trying to come up with a language that i like in terms of description and time, so you can see me waffling around from drastic minimalism to more detail heavy comps. i'll typically pick a 'theme' and do a round of it at a time, so typically the topmost one is the weakest (with a few exceptions) as i push for a better and different take on the same idea as i work down the page.

and a last one from the white paged sketchbook before it was completely killed, some kind of roman pillar based cities


lego goblin

a few weeks ago I got together with my buddy Tyler Vance and his little boy Royston to do a sketch night kinda hangout. it was pretty rad, we downed plenty of pizza and soda, all the while dreaming up crazy things. Royston had made some cool Lego gizmos and i really liked this little goblin warrior dude, so I did a quick sketch of a character sans the blocks, and a few head iterations.

keep up the good work dude!


art! pt2

I mentioned before about doing some work for King Niko, so here are the results. The guys wanted a more pinup-y face and a few other details changed, and then they decided to go with something else altogether for the album art. But you still might see this around somewhere for gig posters and such. It was a fun little challenge, big thanks to KN!

detail of the face and flower:

also check these awesome signs from the 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear"



at SDCC this year I met up with Brian Churilla who asked me to do a panel of some spaceships he was rushing on. and now it's published in the new Avenger mini. *I didn't draw this cover, just showing you which issue.

the panel as it's printed

my pencils (though lighter, i just darkened them to post)


more sketches

i think i'm finally starting to make some headway on these. there really is not replacement for doing a ton of them. i killed my last sketchbook, and got this new recycled paper one, it has this nice midtone that i want to use to push my value usage. this way i'll have to build up to white, instead of knocking everything down from white paper.

still working on foreground/background
-white gel pen, 6B lead

wanted to do islands and spires
-white gel pen, 20%, 40% draft markers



i've been working recently with King Niko on some stuff for their new release. they've got some slick tunes so check em out. one of the ideas we were kicking around was this character, going for something organic looking in style. stay tuned for their album art!



more layout sketches. still experimenting with rendering. the markers are great for filling in those large spaces but still trying to figure out a better integration with the pencil.


costume design

some costumes designs i did a while back. and it illustrates my process as well.
kind of a post-apocalyptic wanderer theme throughout my portfolio, check it out!


sketch book

still trying to get my head around depth as level-of-detail and value. and it makes for a good study in composition in the mean time.

i'm always inspired by Tom Scholes's environment sketches, so'll you definitely notice some rip-offs there. i love his little scale figures, and always look forward to how they're re-contextualized. theres 'sword-guy,' 'bandito,' 'astronaut,' or 'lost-robo,' but i especially like 'wandering monk'. i'd like to think of my guy as a little Rick Steves though.

i can do about 4 of these in 2-3hrs (DrawNight@NoBrow, an evening of TV) and i've been experimenting with some different approaches.

draft marker tone, pencil gradients, micron lines, brush-pen outlines.


ArtOrder Challenge

A fun little concept I did for the latest ArtOrder Challenge: Log-Monster.


trying some things out to work on 'mood.' and foreground/background separation.



a bunch of stuff, since finishing up my most recent round of portfolio I've been going back to a number of things.

a faux-plein-air from a few hrs this morning. I'm a big fan of Aaron Bushnell's gritty textures and scratches.
and another speedie landscape to study depth



I did an INTERVIEW with Gavin's Underground for City Weekly recently that just got posted, check it out if you'd like to hear more of my blab. It was fun, Gavin has been a supporter of the local art/comic scene for a long time now showing up at CaptainCaptain and the DrawNight@NoBrow events. Thanks Gavin!

Here's a morning paint: I just love the Monument Valley vs 'marshmallow rocks' thing


Vote for ME

It was brought to my attention that I've been nominated for Arty (*I think thats what they call it). Wow, at least someone considers me an Illustrator! If you're local (*Salt Lake residents only) and like me for whatever reason, my pork chops, doesn't smell so bad, outdated fashion sense, I draw cool stuff... then go HERE and throw a bone my way. Please and thank you.


come quick apocolyse

speedie, i've been trying to really break down composition lately. tryin to work a basic 3 or 4 value separation before throwing details in, then even just overlaying some mess to insinuate detail.



this mornings warm-up. i've always loved asian ink landscapes, so I did a little study, and overlayed some color.



me and my doodle buddies are actually having a 'real' show!
FRIDAY, AUG. 20, 6-10pm @ NoBrow Coffee, 315 E. 300 S. SLC

everyone is going to have a bunch of art up, there'll be some fun stuff for sell
and, it's right on the 3rd south stretch, so you can hit up all sorts of art that evening!
c'mon by just to say whazzzup!