morning speed warm-up

I've been watching Jim Henson's 'The Storyteller.' Pretty great stuff. The animated and matte elements kinda really suck, but the puppetry is really cool. The characters have sooo much life.

For this I took a screen grab of a ogre castle matte shot as a place to start. Grabbed colors and just kinda blocked shapes in until I got a mood that was interesting. Just a quick way to assimilate the elements I liked.


10,000+ !

I just crossed the 10K views mark! Sure, a sizable chunk of that are spiders and bots, but that is so freakin' awesome. I never thought anybody out there would see this stuff except in passing.

A big thanks to those of you that stop by often, I try not to fail you. Thankyou to my 38 followers! I hope you'll continue to enjoy my evolution.


tried to go a bit more indepth with the detail of this landscape study. a nice experiment in color and shape.



sketch to paint. scan of my grayscale from the sketchbook. then masked out in PS to apply the palette. pretty decent results for a quick ~2hrs. 


figure dump

haven't been doing life drawing for a long time. but the studio puts on a figure session during lunch once a week. so i jumped into it, forgoing my usual LFD2 window. its only an hour so there's not much time to do more than gestures. these all range between 30sec and 5min.


Risk: Factions

some posters for Risk: Factions that I helped work on.