so these are some new attempts to push myself beyond the my usual 'floating object' kind of thing into more realized illustrations/paintings. constantly i'm coming across stormin artists that are so completely inspiring and yet at the same time humble me to the dirt. maybe one day i'll be able to touch the tiger's tail.



part of my latest sci-fi project.
i started off doing a bunch of thumbnails to get a design working. then when i got to one i liked i did a quick junk-poly 3D build to see how the design held up in the round. a few refinements later it evolved into this guy, which is then great to spin into a good position for a paint-over with perspective already established. then it was all about trying to get a feel and impression of texture and mood. next, a technical drawing to see exactly how it's built.



some diddles from a few weeks ago.
an aquarium little vignette complete with tiny fishies, and some crazy roman-esque landscapes.



kindof ended up with a sci-fi-noir kind of thing. we'll see what comes next.