some varieties


more cowbell

so Tyler Stott and i have joined forces on a creative adventure into the future. kicking ideas at each other to motivate each other to churn out all sorts of cool crap.
right now we're still boxing around forms and trying to spin out ideas for future-militaristic outfits and weapons; ironically neither of us has ever really taken on this industry standard.


bridge art

this was drawing 'attempted' over a few weeks down at the Bridge Academy.

this one was the main one i worked on over the majority of that time, slowly, carefully, lifeless.

and once i was done with kicking that dead horse, i busted this out in about 40min. i like the marks and the lively-ness, but it definitely needs refinement. if only i had a few weeks to work it...



little doodle from DrawNight the other night, painted it up, didn't turn out that bad.