Caddy 2015

been working on goods for my portfolio lately, and a moment of inspiration struck me like lightning on a clock tower. for me hotrods are the perfect mechanical juxtiposition, one foot in style and the other in raw mechanics.
i was liking this design but felt it needed something more... hover conversion.


lotus position

some experimentation trying to push in a new direction.
i'm trying to take up some advice i recieved recently: "Learn something new from every drawing. There are no mistakes, only experience. Who cares if you mess up your drawing. Who wants to look at your stuff anyway?"
words to live by.



some plane designs i've been kicking around for awhile. i had the idea of doing something that was very sci-fi-ish in silouette and design, but juxtiposing it with something more retro like some kind of alternate throwback. and i've always liked the design of Crimson Skies, if you've ever played it.


scratch n smudge

figure from weekend before last. some hiccups with the nu-pastel and some lines i couldn't pull back up, so i worked the charcoal pencil on the face for better control. think i'm getting a little better at rendering faces, but i'll keep on keepin on...



still foolin around with the hovertank concept. don't know if i like it.



a concept i've been working on for a personal project. a house for a phoenix character. so there's the strong birdhouse look, mashed with elements of swedish and nordic architecture, and a little gypsy wagon thrown in. this would be a blast to model.

just a fun abstract 3D piece. it's actually a set piece from a previous project, but from a wierd POV and a super distorted camera lense. but, interesting shapes and forms caught my interest as i was spinning it around.