so i drug myself outdoors away from the computer to do some actual painting. i've been excited about doing some plein air stuff recently, and there so many cools spots all over the city. these are an evening and late afternoon of the same spot. acrylic, about 45 min a piece, and i've given myself the challenge of learning to paint with a palette knife. a new struggle begins...


3D concept

somekind of cyber-bulldozer or something. just playing around a bit in 3D lately and mashing together shapes to see what comes out of the fray.



the final results of our 6'X8' commission, for a children's play room. learned a lot from it, think it turned out pretty swell for our various constraints. this wasn't either of our usual subject matter, but it was pretty fun. now i'm really looking forward to painting a lot smaller!



some quick lil diddles.
"in the valley of the beetle cult'

"just some landscape"


bigsmall city

doing some experiments with architecture and scale for something i want to do in paint. this was a 3D mockup and PS paintover.


it's notta skirt

went to the Highland Games this weekend. fun, cold, wet, but nothing like a piping choir to warm the spirits. got some awesome action shots of the athletes, check out these poses:


workin it

my buddy Berk Frei (everything is way old on his blog) and i have a little job of painting a 6'x8' canvas for a client. a storybook scene for a kid's playroom. light-hearted, fun. check out the mock up:

we're working down at Captain Captain Studios, which is having an 'open studio night' this Fri. it'll be fun and a good chance to see alot of great art from the Salt Lake scene.