trying to keep it simple.


vikings round 2

taking the design i liked most from Round 1, i took it to the next level by trying to get beyond the historically accurate into 'cool.'

the differentials:
the mix and match survivors:

round 3 will shoot for something game worthy without being the typical farcical fantasy caricature.


some paintin'

some quick studies
a scifi tower thing:

playing with color, a barren drilling tower something:

some landscape dealie-o, still trying to emulate...


in the YEAR 1000...

i'm trying to work on my character skills. and i just need to log the hrs and repetition of drawing what i want over and over and try to 'level-it-up' each time.
so i'm starting with a viking (saw some killer stuff recently that got me thinking 'iwannadothatkindastuff'). wanted to start realistic-wise, and understand costume before i get all crazy and end up with something that belongs in WarHammer, went to the library and did some variants that all belong in the same world but are fairly different, all speedy-like just to understand things.

once i have some designs with a lot of different elements, i make em breed with each other to instigate some design evolution (ew sic! OK, i just mix and match different elements like dress-up dolls) to get the next generation of designs in what i call the 'costume matrix.' i end up with like 30 of these guys, those pants with that helmet with that shield etc. then in an epic battle-royale they all fight it out and only the strongest survive.

which were these 3. i guess i really liked that helmet. next i'll dink around with more knives and stuff and 'level-it-up.'