Vote for ME

It was brought to my attention that I've been nominated for Arty (*I think thats what they call it). Wow, at least someone considers me an Illustrator! If you're local (*Salt Lake residents only) and like me for whatever reason, my pork chops, doesn't smell so bad, outdated fashion sense, I draw cool stuff... then go HERE and throw a bone my way. Please and thank you.


come quick apocolyse

speedie, i've been trying to really break down composition lately. tryin to work a basic 3 or 4 value separation before throwing details in, then even just overlaying some mess to insinuate detail.



this mornings warm-up. i've always loved asian ink landscapes, so I did a little study, and overlayed some color.



me and my doodle buddies are actually having a 'real' show!
FRIDAY, AUG. 20, 6-10pm @ NoBrow Coffee, 315 E. 300 S. SLC

everyone is going to have a bunch of art up, there'll be some fun stuff for sell
and, it's right on the 3rd south stretch, so you can hit up all sorts of art that evening!
c'mon by just to say whazzzup!



so on the drive down to SDCC by my lonesome, I amused myself by checking out the scenery and taking blind point & shoot photos (as in I was driving, so being a photographer at the same time isn't a good idea as my wife pointed out, so with eyes on the road, I would just kind of point the camera in the direction i wanted without really looking at what I was taking a picture of).

anyway, out of like 200+ here's some that aren't half bad, plus a little postcard I made to commemorate 'The Drive':



ah, some new stuff!
a lot of projects in the mix lately, most of which I can't show off just yet. so here's some character sketches