costume design

some costumes designs i did a while back. and it illustrates my process as well.
kind of a post-apocalyptic wanderer theme throughout my portfolio, check it out!


sketch book

still trying to get my head around depth as level-of-detail and value. and it makes for a good study in composition in the mean time.

i'm always inspired by Tom Scholes's environment sketches, so'll you definitely notice some rip-offs there. i love his little scale figures, and always look forward to how they're re-contextualized. theres 'sword-guy,' 'bandito,' 'astronaut,' or 'lost-robo,' but i especially like 'wandering monk'. i'd like to think of my guy as a little Rick Steves though.

i can do about 4 of these in 2-3hrs (DrawNight@NoBrow, an evening of TV) and i've been experimenting with some different approaches.

draft marker tone, pencil gradients, micron lines, brush-pen outlines.


ArtOrder Challenge

A fun little concept I did for the latest ArtOrder Challenge: Log-Monster.


trying some things out to work on 'mood.' and foreground/background separation.



a bunch of stuff, since finishing up my most recent round of portfolio I've been going back to a number of things.

a faux-plein-air from a few hrs this morning. I'm a big fan of Aaron Bushnell's gritty textures and scratches.
and another speedie landscape to study depth



I did an INTERVIEW with Gavin's Underground for City Weekly recently that just got posted, check it out if you'd like to hear more of my blab. It was fun, Gavin has been a supporter of the local art/comic scene for a long time now showing up at CaptainCaptain and the DrawNight@NoBrow events. Thanks Gavin!

Here's a morning paint: I just love the Monument Valley vs 'marshmallow rocks' thing