a little drawing from the sketch-book of one of Kirkman's characters

HERE a killer drawing of Octo-boss Ryan Ottely



i was on vacation in Alabama last week doing some family schtuff, and to pass the down time i did a bunch of these quick landscapes.

i'm still experimenting with 'styles' trying to come up with a language that i like in terms of description and time, so you can see me waffling around from drastic minimalism to more detail heavy comps. i'll typically pick a 'theme' and do a round of it at a time, so typically the topmost one is the weakest (with a few exceptions) as i push for a better and different take on the same idea as i work down the page.

and a last one from the white paged sketchbook before it was completely killed, some kind of roman pillar based cities


lego goblin

a few weeks ago I got together with my buddy Tyler Vance and his little boy Royston to do a sketch night kinda hangout. it was pretty rad, we downed plenty of pizza and soda, all the while dreaming up crazy things. Royston had made some cool Lego gizmos and i really liked this little goblin warrior dude, so I did a quick sketch of a character sans the blocks, and a few head iterations.

keep up the good work dude!


art! pt2

I mentioned before about doing some work for King Niko, so here are the results. The guys wanted a more pinup-y face and a few other details changed, and then they decided to go with something else altogether for the album art. But you still might see this around somewhere for gig posters and such. It was a fun little challenge, big thanks to KN!

detail of the face and flower:

also check these awesome signs from the 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear"