Hit up San Diego Comic-Con this weekend! I've never been before (though wanting to go for years) and the experience was truly... unique. A great time meeting new people, seeing cool stuff, and genuinely geeking out. To say the least, it was intense, and a world all its own.

HUGE thanks to those of you that made this trip possible for me at the last minute!! XOXOXO

Some pics:

Ah, my people...
These huge wraps on the hotels were definitely impressive. Equally cool: the Klingon versions of the light rail signs.

I didn't go to any of the huge movie panels, just couldn't spare the hrs and hrs of waiting in line for them. But there were some cool booths on the Exhibition floor: Thor, Tron, Transformers...

oh and the costumes...
the Con just wouldn't be complete without 10 dozen slave Leias walking around.

life size Neytiri and Mech-suit statues, and the flesh counterpart...


aku te

so if you're wondering why the lack of posts lately, an explanation:
I got a stupid infection in my hand (left, non drawing hand) that had to be operated on. I was in the hospital for a few days hooked up to some heavy-duty antibiotics and watching show after show of Monster Garage, Mythbusters, and the like on their basic cable. It royally sucked. Maneuvering PS without the aid of hotkeys is like being kicked back to the dark ages, but thankfully the sketchbook doesn't require both hands, so I'll post some of that stuff soon.

Anyway, FYI. later...



A project I worked on a while back has finally been released!
It was a medical animation for Idaho Technology Inc. and a new product they're releasing.
Wait for it, the CG starts at around 1:30. Enzyme on DNA action!

Also check this out: "Video games are frequently demonized. We now know that these fears are unfounded."


tank WIP

bustin out some 3D action