at SDCC this year I met up with Brian Churilla who asked me to do a panel of some spaceships he was rushing on. and now it's published in the new Avenger mini. *I didn't draw this cover, just showing you which issue.

the panel as it's printed

my pencils (though lighter, i just darkened them to post)


more sketches

i think i'm finally starting to make some headway on these. there really is not replacement for doing a ton of them. i killed my last sketchbook, and got this new recycled paper one, it has this nice midtone that i want to use to push my value usage. this way i'll have to build up to white, instead of knocking everything down from white paper.

still working on foreground/background
-white gel pen, 6B lead

wanted to do islands and spires
-white gel pen, 20%, 40% draft markers



i've been working recently with King Niko on some stuff for their new release. they've got some slick tunes so check em out. one of the ideas we were kicking around was this character, going for something organic looking in style. stay tuned for their album art!



more layout sketches. still experimenting with rendering. the markers are great for filling in those large spaces but still trying to figure out a better integration with the pencil.