speedi tanuki

did a quick paint over from one of my sketches. lifted a palette from Hokusai. just to chop it in.



So I was up in the Seattle area last week. It was way cool. Great scenery abounds.
Did a few sketches inspired by the surroundings.

I was able to meet up with and have a great Drink&Draw with a handful of amazing artists up there. Big thanks to them for a great time!

The bottom one of this pair is called, 'Rainier, not Fuji!'

I took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. A well spent hr traveling through the Puget Sound. Did these quickies from the bow, everything changes so quick that you've only got a minute to get things in place before it's all out of place.

I love the woods up there, everywhere up there. Lots of fun little trails and awesome trees of all kinds. This me running around going, 'Wow, look at that; hey wow! look at that!'


sketch dump

a bunch of environment type layouts from the sketch book. really trying to dive into composition. studying some of the great disney layout artists like Hans Bacher.
you might have noticed how simplified these sketches have become. just trying to wrap my head around overall shapes and rhythm without the details getting in the way. and playing with layering value, light on dark/dark on light, etc.


morning speed

one of my warm-up doodles. just something to cobble a scene together as fast as possible. blocked in the values quickly, then threw some texture on top.