I was inspired by a friend of mine's recent experiments in abstraction, so thought I'd give it a stab with my digital fakery... eh?



quick sketch for a story idea i've been kicking around, stay tuned...



a while back I helped out Tyler Kirkham by penciling some backgrounds for him. there were a few interior panels I did, and these 2 covers, the military tech in the top one and the buildings in the bottom one. of course they look a lot cooler after he brought everything together with his distinctive penciling style; the inks and color don't hurt either :)
good times.


drive by

was driving by the Great Salt Lake today on I-15 before going into work. there was this little sliver of blue beyond the farmland with the mtns in the distance. just wanted to capture this palette in a quick study this morning, and some FX to give it that driving by at 80mph feel...