let's go to Candy-mountain Charlie!

a little speed-paint from a while ago. really just pushing texture and color to see what kind of 'magic' comes out the other end. it was happy happy fun time!


table top minis

I posted a little of this a while ago, but here is some more. A while back I was able to do some character design for Privateer Press. It's awesome to see something this cool come out of a drawing. Here are a handful of the really fun ones I did.
Thanks again to Kris and the other guys up there that really helped me out!



some sketches of a shaman type character.



Did a fan art piece of a rad character created by friend Tim Odland. He's an shreddin' artist for Skull Candy, and an up and coming comics legend! Check him out, be sure to put eyes on his mini he did for SDCC.


experiment 2

these are pretty fun to do, so thought i'd attempt another, this time pushing the light setup. i think this time around the 2D elements overpower the trumpe l'oeil elements inside the shadow box though.