some architecture studies from a while back. an exercise to load my mind library with shapes and become a bit more familiar with the subject matter.


ice study

trying to dive more into a variety of lighting situations and work on my materials. ice seems to be the natural extension from fantasy rock-scapes, so i gave it a go.


dark place white castle

a quick experiment with value. trying to create a sense of atmosphere and depth, not concerned with details. really just trying to understand how the values transition while guiding the moments of attention within the composition. when you squint does it come together? do you get a sense of hierarchy? those kinds of things, the details will come later.



from a design challenge at work, a redesign of Ant-Man.

A- is a straight up tokusatsu interpretation, something along the lines of Ultra-Man. I just really hate all the different helmet design I've seen, they're all the same thing, a big bubble head. Now he's got some cool tech to re-size with.
B- a different interpretation. I wanted to throw out the power to shrink, and strip him down to a wierdo who commands insects, like bug-Merman. he could assemble hundreds of tons of bugs to form a bug-golem around himself like a huge monster, and destroy things. that's way cooler than just being some tiny guy. it looks really uncomfortable, wanted to play up the 'ants in his pants' angle. he'd have to be villain. 


sharkies sketchthings

some warm-up shape sketches from this afternoon. didn't realize i had Nemo on the mind until it was too late, oh well...



noodling some shapes around to explore a cohesive perspective