paint by standing on the shoulders of

when I feel the need for some strict painting practice I've found that if I paint out a drawing done by somebody else I can completely concentrate on the painting part, instead of giving myself the freedom to redesign along the way, the way I would with an image of my own. it's a great challenge to try and deliver on the potential of a well rendered drawing; to realize what is indicated. 

I did this the other day on a drawing done by the uber-talented Mattias Adolfsson. if you aren't familiar with his work, check out his blog HERE. specifically you can see the drawing I used HERE. he is a very prolific guy with an amazing creative array of machines, characters, narratives, etc. super inspiring. and nice enough to let me share this homage. 


brick by brick

some texture studies of brick from the sketchbook



it's taken a week to decompress after the Massive Black Workshop in San Francisco last week. so much awesomeness in such little time. doing some experimenting over the last few days to try and re-calibrate/assimilate so many inspirations. ended up with this little doodah.

a big thanks to all the friends old and new for letting me pal around with you, and making it such an enjoyable time!


spaced out

busy prepping my portfolio for the Massive Black Workshop next week in San Francisco. digging around in my archives to see what i've got and came across this, some spacey scenes! did them for a company looking into doing an educational space race/exploration game. never happened. 

deep space, wormholes, hyper-drive!