holiday break 'n' paint

takin'it easy during the holiday downtime. working on a little bit of freelance and needed a piece to warm-up on. playing around with a different brush set than usual. liked out the colors turned out on this one. 
~30+ landscape speedpaint

Happy Holidays!



the thing i like about these tree&concrete doodles, is that it poses a nice context to work to iterate from. the organic and man-made contrast offers a lot of possibilities. it's just something i enjoy doing.



some block brush studies. rectangle/square brush and gradients only. 
the spitpaints are exposing some serious shortcomings. time to get back to basics.


mOre spitpaints

check out the SPITPAINT group, they generate lots of content every day

jungle scout

sand t-rex astronaut

burning river Styx

underwater kingdom

crash site

mushroom something...



some DrawNight sketches the i liked the direction of. more of a composition study than anything, trying to improve my sense of depth rather than what i usually have done with static fore-mid-rear planes. also some long meetings at work really gave me the time to flesh them out and put some inks in.


figure drawings

some more quickies from the EA lunch sessions. we never do long poses, typically a few 1min warmups, and then into a few 10 -15min poses. for me it's just short enough that you have to force a quick gesture to be able to get anything substantial on the paper, then you can refine it a little. if i were to really try to measure things out i'd have nothing on the paper other than a few scratches in the time allowed.


tr335 and c0ncr3t3

still on this kick



i jumped on another band wagon recently, Daily Spitpaints on Facebook. 30min speedpaints around a daily theme, no photo textures. it seems like it's kinda blown up over the last 2 weeks since I've been following it. there are a lot of folks chipping in, all levels of skill, some folks really good.

here are my meager offerings so far:

tomb guardian:

tunnel entrance:

too high:

volcano fallen empire:

swamp discovery:


more trees and concrete

another post processed image from the sketch book.
this month was a little slow on art. i fell off the inktober band wagon pretty early on, didn't get even close to doing as much as i wanted. 
oh well, there's always next year. 

but i've jumped on the Daily Spitpaint bandwagon, for all of a day now. Hope to keep it up for a while, there's always great stuff to browse. Check it out!


trees and concrete

some DrawNight doodles from the sketchbook



I'm making a haphazard attempt on Inktober this year. Not everyday, but something more like 2-3 a week. Continuing the bots theme.
And I'm using it as an excuse to figure out this Tumblr business. Go there to see the rest.


bot design 01

some robot exercises to work on inking. then some scan and color just to dress things up.


zeppelin kind of mood

A big thanks to everyone who came by the table at Comic Con. I had a great time and it was great to talk to with folks. I was really impressed at the response to my work, I think I'll do it again next year.

I'm thinking of doing some more 'Zeppelin Scenic Tours' type images. Maybe flesh out that concept of the world a bit more and come up with some more landscapes. 



Been a busy week preparing for the all new Salt Lake Comic Con, now it's finally here! I've got a booth in Artist Alley, come buy to get a sketchbook and a few prints, maybe even a portrait commission.

I'm sharing a table with Tim Odland, right next door to Derek Hunter and Ryan Ottley. Come on down!


sketchs 'n' stuff

just some stuff I've been dinkin around with


more guns

guns are always funs. 
working out some silhouettes. this time trying to think things out in terms of sets: heavy, med, and light. 


bot design

some design explorations for a municipal paint-bot. 


cyber cop

well maybe not a cop, but somthin...


quick figure drawings

some drawings from the EA lunch session. something between 5-15 min ea.


line style

Still working on my line work. And my character design. 
You may have noticed that I tend to design costumes, and neglect the character within. Trying to focus on attitude and posture in addition to description.


just a sketch

lots of top secret stuff at work eating up my time. maybe i can show you later. in the meantime, a warmup sketch landscape


sketch experiment

This was a sketch experiment to see what i could pull off with combining modular elements. I sketched out 1 or 2 of the most common elements, posts, steps, etc, and remixed them all via copy and paste. then added in individual elements to give it character. some clone stamping around and arrived at a layout i liked, although kinda messy.

From there just tried to ink the whole thing with a graphic feel to play with positive and negative space and to differentiate the repetitive elements.


Updated Portfolio!

I've updated my portfolio with a bunch of new work, some of which I've posted (or WIP posts) here. 

Also, had a blast at the Steambot Studios workshop SBExplore 2013! It was great to see New Orleans and meet a lot of amazing artists; and finally getting to meet to some Art-Heroes.

Big thanks to the SB crew for making it happen and putting together a great workshop!!


story color keys

working on some narrative skillz


sky castles

some sketch explorations of Russian folk-tale architecture, via sky castles!