holiday break 'n' paint

takin'it easy during the holiday downtime. working on a little bit of freelance and needed a piece to warm-up on. playing around with a different brush set than usual. liked out the colors turned out on this one. 
~30+ landscape speedpaint

Happy Holidays!



the thing i like about these tree&concrete doodles, is that it poses a nice context to work to iterate from. the organic and man-made contrast offers a lot of possibilities. it's just something i enjoy doing.



some block brush studies. rectangle/square brush and gradients only. 
the spitpaints are exposing some serious shortcomings. time to get back to basics.


mOre spitpaints

check out the SPITPAINT group, they generate lots of content every day

jungle scout

sand t-rex astronaut

burning river Styx

underwater kingdom

crash site

mushroom something...