some DrawNight sketches the i liked the direction of. more of a composition study than anything, trying to improve my sense of depth rather than what i usually have done with static fore-mid-rear planes. also some long meetings at work really gave me the time to flesh them out and put some inks in.


figure drawings

some more quickies from the EA lunch sessions. we never do long poses, typically a few 1min warmups, and then into a few 10 -15min poses. for me it's just short enough that you have to force a quick gesture to be able to get anything substantial on the paper, then you can refine it a little. if i were to really try to measure things out i'd have nothing on the paper other than a few scratches in the time allowed.


tr335 and c0ncr3t3

still on this kick



i jumped on another band wagon recently, Daily Spitpaints on Facebook. 30min speedpaints around a daily theme, no photo textures. it seems like it's kinda blown up over the last 2 weeks since I've been following it. there are a lot of folks chipping in, all levels of skill, some folks really good.

here are my meager offerings so far:

tomb guardian:

tunnel entrance:

too high:

volcano fallen empire:

swamp discovery: