Hello Disney!

I started at Disney Interactive's game studio this last Monday. I'm joining their team concept team as a 3/4 view artist, primarily designing landscape and architecture to make the layout look pretty. I'm way excited for the opportunity and look forward to getting my butt handed to me daily by all the amazing art ninjas I'll be working with.



Enjoying some down time this week. Slowly churning on this B&W study. Studying a lot of Gumroad tutorials from all those guys that totally rock.


Goodbye EA!

After 3 1/2 years I've left Electronic Arts. It was my first job in the biz and I've really learned a lot. I enjoyed my time there and made a lot of great friends. I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with many very talented people. There's a lot I will miss about working there, but I've got my eye on some new opportunities.


Syndicate FanArt

Did this a while back, playing with isometric 3D and then painting a ton over. It was a good study in what shortcuts to use 3D for and what to do by hand in the interest of speed. 

I'm really excited for Satellite Reign to come out, I backed their Kickstarter and am totally in awe of the art they've released so far. You can still donate for packages on their website if you missed the original campaign. It's the spiritual sequel to Syndicate (EA has the IP locked away for themselves) by a lot of the original developers. If you loved the originals (90s power!) this looks to be everything you'd want in an updated reboot (unlike EA FPS reboot, great sci-fi shooter, just not Syndicate)