patternscape 01

I feel like the blockscape thing has about run its course. I've learned a ton and new things have occurred to me. For example it's made me look at mark-making a lot differently, in the interest of speed, and for proposing something different and getting away from what I usually do. So, a first test...



More quick studies, working on my eye for color. And more experimenting.



A lot of times I'm just brain-dead in the morning. I don't feel it, and I'll start looking at art to get inspired. It's pretty easy to find something that I really like and that gets me excited. Then sometimes I'll just jump into a remix like this, duplicating layers, overlaying, transforming, re-crop, until I come up with something bit different. It gets me thinking.

I don't expect to come up with anything ground breaking, and I wouldn't take credit for the new image. It's just enough to warm up, get excited, explore, and get the juices flowing.