Minions! Concept - Pt.1

The last project I worked on while at EA was Minions Paradise, which is now finally out!

I was only involved at the very beginning for a couple months before I left; but it was definitely a great brand to work on and dream up the world of. Our initial direction was heavily inspired by the amazing concept art of Eric Guillon, that guy is so talented! It was really fun to try to ape him and all the character he puts into his designs. 

Congrats to all the amazing artists, code/3D/design and otherwise, that finally got this out the door! 

There are lots of fun gadgets that you get to build/collect with lots of gags and giggles thrown in. 

Stay tuned for more!


Inktober pt1: Barbarians!

It's that time of year again, pumpkin spice everything, ink getting slung, and seeing all the great work people crank out for 31 days. The thing I like most about Inktober is the opportunity to address something I'm not very good at and to crank on with quantity. Usually by about the 10th version of the same thing I start to figure out the bugs, so I don't mind being repetitive. Here goes!