Portfolio Update!

Now that I'm fresh back on the market I've got a bunch of cool stuff to show off! I've updated my portfolio with the work I did for Disney Infinity over the past 2 years (almost). I really enjoyed making it and hopefully it illustrates (get it...?) all the artistic muscle I can flex (if you need a concept artist). There's the link in the sidebar, and THIS.



To Infinity and... well, goodbye!

It definitely has been great to be part of something... great.

Trying to find work in an industry that is on one side increasingly non-family friendly, violet and obscene, and on the other side a mind-numbing waste of time and 'social' capacity, Infinity wasn't perfect but it was a nice oasis in the middle of the mess. Oh well.

A big shout-out and thank you to all the talented and passionate digital ninjas that made me a better a artist ans showed me genuine friendship. I'd looked up to these guys for years going through school. It was an honor to work with them. Smell ya' later!


post-apocalypse guy 01

My interpretation of a dude designed by Kyle Odland!