i've mentioned my buddy Tyler Vance here before, but he's finished with his Masters up at Utah State. his thesis show was pretty killer and he's finally got pics posted.

and check this out: the centerpiece, yours truly.

other than being a 'rockin' (heh heh, oh...) Stonehenge kinda thing, there's a hidden story.
the whole thing is the relic of a monument long ago built to commomorate the victories of a certain hero. he defeated/killed all these people, represented by the surrounding still life images. and his portrait is the center piece (yep, me as a figure reference, sporting some killer Raiden stylings). pretty sweet.
thanks Tyler. good work.


Shanell said...
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Tyler Vance said...

Oh no, Raiden. Didn't see that one coming.

Quinn said...

WOW, very nice.

This is exactly the role that anybody who knows Geoff would have written him in. I imagine the surrounding pictures look like a who's who of our high school football team.

I can hear Geoff from our school days, "Look at those IDIOTS"! "We should release a pack of wild dogs inside the school and chain all the doors shut." The stuff of heroic legend.

Heather said...

I like it how he even got the hair on your chest...