and more

closing in on a final design, working out some details


more costumes

going for something a little more 'comic-booky'



i've mentioned my buddy Tyler Vance here before, but he's finished with his Masters up at Utah State. his thesis show was pretty killer and he's finally got pics posted.

and check this out: the centerpiece, yours truly.

other than being a 'rockin' (heh heh, oh...) Stonehenge kinda thing, there's a hidden story.
the whole thing is the relic of a monument long ago built to commomorate the victories of a certain hero. he defeated/killed all these people, represented by the surrounding still life images. and his portrait is the center piece (yep, me as a figure reference, sporting some killer Raiden stylings). pretty sweet.
thanks Tyler. good work.



a character sheet illustrating different costumes.
i came across this pose (doodling is a journey) and really liked it. some animated proportions, jumping, and a strong 'belly-button OUT!' look to it.


curious rocks

a random rock doodle from DrawNight + a little tweakage in PS